Get ready to be transported to a dystopian future! The wait is almost over for the trailer of “Kalki 2898 AD,” the highly anticipated sci-fi film starring Prabhas. Mark your calendars for June 10th, as the trailer will be unveiled, offering a glimpse into this epic saga set in the year 2898 AD. The film itself hits the theaters on June 27th, promising a visually stunning experience with Prabhas playing the role of Bhairava who is likely to take center stage as the prophesied savior, Kalki.

Here’s the likely Kalki trailer release time

Featuring the ensemble cast of top actors cutting across the North and South Cinema industries, the Nag Ashwin directorial is scheduled to release at 6 pm on 10th June. The production house Vyjanthi Network has confirmed the trailer release timing on their official YouTube channel. It is to be noted that this timing is for select theatre releases only. As far as the YouTube trailer of the Kalki movie is concerned, the trailer is likely to drop at 6:45 PM. However, no official confirmations have been dropped yet regarding YouTube trailer timing. As soon as we get an official confirmation from the movie makers, we will update the timing here.

Talking about Kalki movie casting, the movie has several big names in it from the Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil film industries, such as Baahubali-fame Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Kamal Hassan, etc. Kalki movie casting has already drawn people’s attention by bringing top actors from the North and South film industries.

Bujji & Bhairav: A Fantastic Prelude to the movie

Recently, Kalki movie makers released a short web series named Bujji and Bhairava, introducing the movie’s leading character – Bhairava, and his partner-in-crime, an AI robot named Bujji. The web series has received positive reviews and has raised people’s expectations of the movie. The two 14-minute episodes of the short web series introduce us to the dystopian world of 2898 AD set in the futuristic town of Kashi. The leading character Bhairava is a playful character who aspires to live in a giant triangle-shaped building known as Complex, probably the utopian place for people grappling with the dystopian world’s problems. Bhairava and Bujji are in a symbiotic relationship having the same goal of entering that Complex.   

What to expect from the Kalki trailer?

  • A glimpse of a Dystopian Future: Expect visuals of a ravaged Earth in the year 2898 AD, showcasing the possible after-effects of a long-drawn crisis.
  • Prabhas as Kalki: The trailer will feature Prabhas’ introduction as Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu believed to restore dharma.
  • Epic Action: With a budget of 600 crores, the trailer will likely hint at high-octane action sequences involving Kalki.
  • VFX Spectacle: Trailers are known for teasing the best visuals, so expect glimpses of the film’s special effects that bring this future world to life.
  • Intriguing Dialogues: Look out for snippets of dialogues that hint at the state of the world, the nature of the threat, and possibly some of Kalki’s motivations.

Indian movie is going to witness something unprecedented this time. The entire Sci-Fi movie genre fans can’t wait to witness the movie made on a gigantic budget of 600 Crore. We are hopeful that the movie makers, especially Nag Ashwin won’t disappoint us. Fingers crossed for the trailer!

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